Verein Sommer- und Winternachtsfest
Postfach 29
8093 Zürich
Allgemeine Fragen Our president (Deborah) and Treasury (Arielle) – reach us at
Quästur For questions to the Treasury contact Arielle –
Bar Philipp is responsible for the 4 bars, all questions about drinks to
Infrastructure Julia is organising the infrastructure like light and sound, contact for questions
Respect&Safety Do you have any questions or input for the subject of respect or the safety concept, then write to Alissa per an
Helpers If you want to help then get in touch with Alex
Sponsoring For sponsoring questions please contact
Design Sascha is responsible for the design.
Wir suchen immer wieder motivierte Studenten für unser OK, bei Interesse und Fragen wende dich an