#schüga challenge

Win a 300.- CHF beer-voucher from Schützengarten (valid in 2021):

  • post an Instagram story about your WiNaFe homeparty
  • tag @winafe.sonafe and @brauereischuetzengarten
  • challenge starts at 20:20 and ends at 3:30
  • the winner will be chosen by Schützengarten the next day

Party Challenges

Here are our Party Challenges. Note that you need to have signed up before to participate and that we reward bonus points for creative or extraordinary solutions. 

Submit by sending us an email with the subject “<teamname> – <challenge number>” to (if the picture/video is too big you can send a link to a Drive folder or similar). OR by posting it on your insta story and tagging us (@winafe.sonafe). Don’t forget to mention your teamname!

  1. Preparations: Show us how you prepare for your homeparty (got your snacks&drinks? list&sanitizer?)
  2. Mascot: choose or make a mascot for your party, try not to lose it!
  3. WarmUp: limber up for the coming party in whatever way fits you (#moveETH)
  4. Mixologist: invent a cocktail or mocktail (and also tell us if it tastes good)
  5. Flying Hirsch: give your redbull some wings 
  6. Sticker Time: use a WiNaFe sticker creatively
  7. Artist: create an artistic representation (drawing, sculpture, song&dance, whatever) of a Students association mascot, our logo or the loch ness monster
  8. CHALLENGE dance: when a challenge song comes on, do the challenge dance (copy others on zoom if you don’t know how)
  9. Laundry Time: take a Washmachine shot (instructions here)
  10. 2020 Luxury Sculpture: fold origami out of some toilet paper
  11. Hydrate: drink some water (you should be doing this anyways)
  12. Winter Sports: take a shot off a ski or snowboard
  13. Macarena: you know what to do, just wait for the song
  14. Tower of Babylon: stack as many empty cans on top of each other as you can (without using internal or external support)
  15. Dancing Queen: show us your dance moves
  16. Midnight Snack: show us your midnight snack, for inspiration check out our HowToParty page
  17. Action!: recreate a movie scene
  18. Facepaint: find a “volunteer” and enhance their visage